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Discover BeYond

Into BeYond is a single-player action RPG set in a mystical, immersive, and vivid world of light, multidimensions, and multi-realms. The Player takes the role of Bascileus, a disillusioned warrior, and journeys a road of intense self-discovery through these beautiful and dangerous lands.

Realms of Light

Multidimensional realities, consisting of realms made from light-matter and separated by energetic barriers called veils, make up this mysterious and often dangerous world. Whether visible or invisible, these realms hold secrets and treasures waiting to be discovered.


The Shadow of Corruption

Spreading like a disease, Shadow of Corruption is the most dangerous and deceitful enemy of the Kingdom of Light. It can take many forms, but its main purpose is to bring death. Tritellurians, the lords over all kingdom lands, are the last frontier between the Shadow and the Kingdom of Light. And yes, many have fallen.

BeYond’s Matter

In this mystical world made of light, matter is not always as it appears – it can change. It can be visible or invisible, but it’s always there, present and eternal. If he so chooses, Bascileus will be trained by the seven Guardians of the Ancient Pathways to master skills allowing him to not only see invisible matter, but also to transform it.


Quanta - Ancient Living Forces

These ancient beings govern the power of light. Appointed by King Kreos, they equip the lords of the lands, the Tritellurians, with light powers and authority over all creation. Until mature enough to handle quanta powers, players can purchase the power scrolls instead.

Artefacts & Objects

The world of BeYond is full of Artifacts and Objects waiting to be found by brave explorers. Some of them, considered Ancient and Mystical, are imbued with small portions of light power that can help Bascileus in his exploits.


Basic translocation in Beyond is via portals – passageways through veils into other realms.
This portal translocates into the Garden Oasis and is invisible to all but the Foretold One.

Character Development System

In BeYond, maturity is the key. The game’s simple and intuitive Character Development System allows basic skills to be learned while following the story’s plot, but giving Players freedom to choose their upgrades.


A Dynamic World Responding to Player Choices

Choices matter in BeYond – good and bad choices are rewarded with positive or negative Brightness Points (BP). BeYond’s sophisticated AI controls both the economy and the diversity of enemies, based on Bascileus’ BP status. Introducing consequences of choices and promoting good character traits aims to instill maturity as a virtue worth the price. In BeYond, the maturing process can actually be fun.

Animated Storytelling

BeYond’s storytelling is perfectly entangled with outstanding gameplay to enhance immersion and give an experience like never before, attracting players and non-payers alike, and offering great entertainment for the entire family.