Our Vision


Video games have been with us since the 70’s, some of them are purely for entertainment purposes and some try to teach us different skills. Many people may believe them to be addictive, time wasters. Our goal is to deliver a platform which will try to teach the player some useful life skills which influence the development of our character building in a fun way, so the player is not just “wasting their time”, but using it purposefully.

We want this game to be a platform for the revelation of the universal protocols and truths that can be applied to every aspect of life, while at the same time teaching the player that every decision matters; eg. the law of sowing and reaping. To change their world for the better, one will need to make wise choices.

We have started with the mobile phone platform as this can be accessed by almost anyone in the world and in parallel we will be also releasing the PC version and then adding elements of Virtual Reality (VR).


Most kids love video games. But like many parents out there we are aware of the fact that at their young age they are not able to distinguish between good and bad behaviour and patterns. They are like a sponge that is taking everything in.

However video games, in the right hands, can be an awesome platform to help our kids learn the good patterns in a fun way. Instead of forbidding them to play thinking it’s a waste of time, let’s give them the right tools.

We are working together with professional psychologists, identifying the most addictive factors of game playing and minimising these factors where possible. The game will have a smart time and content control mechanism which will depend on the player age and/or parental restrictions.  

We want this game to have content for the players of any age. There will be something to do for anyone from the small to the big. We really want this to be a family experience, delivering healthy entertainment together with the elements of fun and learning. We want to change the culture of the video games and offer something different for so many people out there. 

Every parent’s desire is to leave a good inheritance for their future generations and this is what we want BeYond to become. And we need your help to achieve this mission.