BeYond is an interactive educational platform in the form of a video game, based on stepping through the veil of this world and into the infinite realms of the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Players will learn and experience the Kingdom of Heaven by undertaking missions. Adventuring through the realms of Heaven, missions will be carried out  that will test and stretch the depths of their character, forcing them to make choices and carry out actions which could potentially have long lasting consequences. Along their adventure, they will navigate armies, conquer enemies, suffer injustice, overcome temptation and experience favour and blessings while growing in maturity and skill level. They will travel down ancient paths and gateways long forgotten, meeting Ancient Ones as they seek to complete their missions. Kingdoms will be built, sacred history will be learnt, relationships will be developed and players will be immersed by the presence of Heaven.

Amazing gameplay and graphics that will keep you in awe and wonder of the realms BeYond the veil. The immersion will come through the usage of sophisticated gameplay that responds to the player’s actions, allowing for long term consequences of every choice made along the player’s journey.

It will be a great experience for kids, teenagers and gamers alike but if you’re not a “gamer” yourself, there will be an educational mode for you too. This will be where you can learn all of the principles to accessing the Kingdom of Heaven in an interactive, educational version of the game content with amazing teachers and experiences.

BeYond will create a narrative by which its players will learn about and build the foundations of Kingdom Living, teaching the protocols and ways on which it is founded. The player will have the opportunity to traverse the infinite cosmos, taking care of Kingdom ‘business’, and sharing these experiences with others through the multiplayer mode. 

Just as the Kingdom is ever-revealing, so too will BeYond be continuously growing, built upon and developed over time, limitless with direction and possibility for future development.