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Lands within King Kreos’
Kingdom of Light have been corrupted

An oasis in the heart of these corrupted lands has remained uncorrupted, under the loving care of the mystical Shamar, as all the lands await their rescuer.

Only Bascileus, a disillusioned, once-mighty warrior, has been sanctioned to rescue the lands and their inhabitants from the vicious enemies of King Kreos…

Will he rescue the banished Tritellurian lord, Vasiliean?

Stunning Graphics

Pushing the Limits of Mobile Devices

A Mystical, New World

The Kingdom of Light is waiting to be explored

Staggering Quanta Powers

Achieved through training and maturity

Dangerous Realms Full of Invisible Enemies

To be conquered only by those with strong faith

Discover BeYond

Uncover the world and various gameplay mechanics