The Team


Our team consists of talented professionals whose common feature is passion for creating games. Thanks to the combined experience, we create products that meet the requirements of the modern market. We provide playable innovative products using all the possibilities offered by current technology. 

Przemysław Gąsiorek – Co-Creator, Creative Director

Przemysław Gąsiorek lived and worked in the UK for over 12 years as a designer of innovative CMOS detectors. In addition to a wide knowledge of physics and electronics, he also brings to the project many years of experience in human and technological resource management. 

He successfully managed projects, providing innovative solutions for a wide range of scientific applications in space research, detection of X-ray radiation, infrared and high energy particles and co-authored several scientific papers.

He lives a passionate life for God and His kingdom and is able to combine his scientific knowledge and technological experience with his spirituality which helps him understand that science and faith are not mutually exclusive, but rather complementary.

Cristian Walker – Co-Creator, Business Director

Cristian Walker resides in Australia and is the founder of a successful structural engineering company which he founded 18 years ago. He has a passion for the kingdom of God and for different ways of reaching out to people with the message of God’s hope for people’s lives in order to help them grow in their relationship with Him. 

He brings his extensive business knowledge, drive and creative abilities to this project to launch a new era in releasing the truth of God’s kingdom on the earth. 

Łukasz Szweryn – Co-Creator, Project Director

Lukas Szweryn is the founder of an innovative company that has been operating on the entertainment market for over 15 years.  He is a visionary who is not afraid to take on new challenges.  

The beginnings of his activities in the industry can be dated back at a time when amusement parks in Poland were just a dream from abroad. Łukasz managed to create a thriving company which is now a serious player on the international market. It combines advanced technologies and innovative ideas providing people the highest quality in entertainment.

He combines his passion for entertainment with an unwavering love for God, his deep faith allows him to boldly make decisions in his day to day business dealings.

Marcin Nowak – Technology

Marcin Nowak is the technology director of the design studio and was passionate about creating computer games from an early age. 

Marcin also worked for Samsung, where as Principal Engineer he managed the team creating games for Samsung televisions. In the following years, Marcin gained experience in creating VR games, and working with microcontrollers, creating his own devices that were further integrated with games.

Mariusz Waszczur – Graphics

Mariusz Waszczur belongs to the group of creators of the first computer games in Wroclaw Now twenty years of experience on the gaming market he has abounded in many different projects, from simple platform games for children, through highly optimized mobile games to the most advanced projects based on virtual reality technology.

As a team leader at Samsung, Mariusz gained valuable experience in the field of team and project management, which today results in harmonious cooperation between employees. 

Tomasz Ziółkowski – Animator

Tomasz Ziółkowski has twelve years of experience in creating short and long-length film productions, films in stereoscopic and 3D technology. For several years, he has also been involved in animation typical for the gaming industry. In addition, Tomasz has experience in working with Mockup systems, which allows the project to achieve the desired realism in the animations that are produced.

Dominika Magoń – Design

Dominika Magoń began her adventure with the gaming industry relatively recently, while her many years of experience in the field of interior design and arrangement allowed her to smoothly implement the process of creating rooms and levels within games. 

Studies completed in the field of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw gave her a strong foundation for currently performed tasks. Dominika has been managing a thriving design department for several years, thanks to which each of the productions are refined to the smallest details. 

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