You might think we are crazy to start a crowdfunding for a video game in times like this, with all this distress, panic and fear around. Maybe we are …. or maybe we all should be a little crazy and go BeYond our circumstances and see what lies ahead to focus firmly on our hope to make it become reality. 

We are not ignoring what is happening around but we will never allow it to control nor define us nor our future. We believe this is not the end but just another step in our journey. That’s why we feel strongly compelled by the Holy Spirit to do it now. We want to invite you and give you an opportunity to join the project that can change the culture of video games and what’s more important, change some people’s lives.    


We wanted to give people the opportunity to take an active part in creating this project. We take it very seriously and have committed ourselves to complete this project as we believe the idea does not originate from us. The same way if you resonate with this idea and choose to donate to us be assured you this is beyond just you.

So for every contributor we will give early Beta access to the game platform once it’s ready. We will be releasing regular new game content during development which will be made available to you for testing. You will then be able to give your feedback to help us improve and develop the gameplay and content for the official product launch.

Your donation will be used to fund the development of the BeYond game and you will be able to track the design progress on the BeYond Facebook page.

Package 1:    $25 USD
Early access to the release of the Beta version of the game.

Package 2:    $50 USD
Package 1 + 50 in-game gold coins.

Package 3:    $100 USD
Package 1 + 100 in-game gold coins.

Package 4:    $500 USD
Package 1 + 500 in-game gold coins.

Package 5:    $1000 USD
Package 1 + 1000 in-game gold coins.

Package 6:    $5000 USD
Package 1 + 5000 in-game gold coins, with name in game credits.

Package 7:    $10,000 USD
Package 1 + 10,000 in-game gold coins, plus work with game developers to help define a character/concept in the game and name in-game credits.

If you wish to make regular recurring payments please use the PayPal option below. The total of your payments will be used to calculate your package.


Use details:
Walker Developments (QLD) Pty Ltd


You can also give directly from your bank account, either as a one-off donation or by setting up a standing order in the country/currency listed below. If you’d like to do a bank transfer from a different country/currency, please use the TransferWise option above.

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